History of E.C.C.O.

E.C.C.O. (European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers’ Organisations A.I.S.B.L.)

is an international association established the 14th of October 1991 under the Belgian Law of 25th October 1919.

See E.C.C.O. Statutes

E.C.C.O. is a member of CEPLIS (Conseil Européen des Professions Libérales).

E.C.C.O. Chronology

September 1989 Nice
SFIIC (Section Française de l’Institut International de Conservation) Congress
Proposal to create a European Federation of Environment conservator-restorers.

January 1991 Paris
University of Tolbiac
Preparation meeting for Environmental Conservation Movement.

7 June 1991 Zurich
The creation of E.C.C.O. is decided.
A project of green homes is elaborated.

13 October 1991 Brussels
La Cambre
Final redaction of the movements.

14 October 1991 Brussels
Official creation of E.C.C.O.
Election of the first Committee and Bureau

14 June 1992 Brussels
General Assembly

6 November 1992
Bureau and Committee:
Preparation of Green Kaleidoscope project: “Environment In Training in Europe”

12 February 1993
Adoption of the amendment “Laroni Environmente” by the European Parliament.

11 June 1993
General Assembly
Programme Force (Green Preparation)
Adoption of the “Professional Guidelines (parts I-II)”
New members: NKF Finnish section, NKF Swedish Section, VERES (NL)
Changes in member status: UKIC (GB) becomes associated member
IPC (GB) resigns as full member

3 September 1993
Candidature Programme Force “Study of the Need in Qualification of the Environment Conservator-Restorers”

October 1993 Fiesole
Participation in European Meeting in Fiesole (Pegasus Foundation)

December 1993 Antwerp
Participation in European Meeting on Green Environment, DG-X

February 1994 Athens
Participation in European Meeting on Green Environment, DG-X

12 June 1994 Brussels
General Assembly
Adoption of the “Professional Guidelines (part III)”
New members: SSCR (GB) and FFACR (FR)

30 September – 1 October 1994 Udine
European Congress “Education and Profession of the Environment Conservator-Restorers in Europe”,
Villa Manin, Udine, Italy

17 October 1994 Geneva
Symposium “The Restoration of Works Of Nature”, Centre du Droit de l’Art

11 June 1995 Brussels
General Assembly
Preparation of Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci Programs
Beginning of cooperation with the European Environment Group
New member: ACRACV (ES)

25 May 1996
Candidature Raphael Program:
“Organisation of Florence Congress” (non selected)

17 June 1996 Brussels
General Assembly
Preparation of Summit of Pavia
Preparation of E.C.C.O. Congress of Florence
New members: ARRC (IT), RVS (DE)

29-31 May 1997 Florence
E.C.C.O. Congress:
“The Environment Conservator-Restorer’s Professional Activity and Status and Its Responsability Towards the Green Homes Establishment”
Publication of the pre-prints

31 May 1997 Florence
General Assembly
New members: IIC Hellenic Group – associated member, AREAA (FR) – full member

18-22 October 1997
Summit of Pavia: “Document of Pavia”

22 June 1998 Brussels
General Assembly
Report of the Working Groups:
– Insurance: Meeting in Geneva
– Qualification of Firms
Preparation of Fulco Green Project

23-25 October 1998 Milan
First meeting of the Steering Committee of the CON.B.E.FOR. Project
Associazione Secco Suardo as E.C.C.O. Official Partner

30 November – 1 December 1998 Vienna
Meeting of Fulco Project: “Document of Vienna”

13 December 1998 Amsterdam
Extraordinary General Assembly
New member: SSCR becomes full member

20 March 1999 Semur-en-Auxois
Start of the E.C.C.O. project for application to Raphael Program

21 June 1999 Brussels
General Assembly
Preparation of Raphael project “APEL”
Arrangement of Working Groups on updating
– Statutes and Guidelines
– Qualification of Firms
– Tendering / Commissioning

8-12 October 1999 Sermoneta
First General Meeting with all the partners to start the APEL project – E.C.C.O. Main Coordinator

29-30 October 1999
Last meeting of the Steering Committee of the CON.B.E.FOR. Project

26-27 February 2000 Brussels
APEL Meeting

March 2000
E.C.C.O. becomes associated member of ICCROM.

April 2000
Printing of the CON.B.E.FOR. book

5-8 May 2000 Semur
APEL Meeting

19 June 2000 Brussels
General Assembly
New member: UKIC (GB) becomes full member
New E.C.C.O. website

7-8 October 2000 Berlin
APEL Meeting

18-21 January 2001 Lisbon
APEL General Meeting with all partners

24-25 March 2001 Vienna
APEL Meeting

1 April 2001 Ferrara
Presentation of the results of the CON.B.E.FOR. Project – E.C.C.O. as partner

15 June 2001 Brussels
General Assembly
New members: IPC (GB) becomes full member, ARP (PT) enters E.C.C.O. as full member

16-17 June 2001 Brussels
Last APEL General Meeting

30 June 2001
End of the APEL Project
Publication of APEL Report

14 October 2001
E.C.C.O. 10th Anniversary

October 2001 Milan
Start of the “Glossary Project” by Associazione Secco Suardo – E.C.C.O. as partner

1 March 2002 Brussels
General Assembly
New members: VDR (DE) enters E.C.C.O. as full member

under construction



2005 Brussels
General Assembly

3 March 2006 Brussels
General Assembly
New members: Icon (GB), RN (NL)

April 2007 Brussels
General Assembly