Budgeting Your First Green Home Renovation

Most people are familiar with home remodeling project, but not too many have ever worked on green home renovation. We recently interviewed one of our colleague, Mr. James Watson who is voluntarily willing to share his experience on getting his green house remodeled.

Earlier in 1920s, the economy of our great country was still very strong. With the current economic recession, the cost associated with the reduction of the carbon footprint of a house is changed. It’s quite easy to green up on a new building and more difficult on a renovation project.

The added extension was originally designed with mineral wool wall insulation. Its main objective is to meet the current building standards. Our volunteer for this project, Mr. James Watson said he paid an additional premium fee of $2,000, to improve the walls as well as to give the kitchen and bedroom improved insulation. Though it’s quite expensive, it’s worth the amount especially considering the fact that half the house now complies with 2016 energy standard buildings thereby cutting our heating bill by 50%.


“Windows weren’t also cheap as we had quite a large number in the house and we were eager to make them energy efficient. We went for class— A PVC as we couldn’t justify the cost of wooden-framed ones, he added.


We bought an expensive class-A boiler and hot water cylinder for heating our home. Owing to the fact as it was one of the critical elements of the hot water system, we selected a German design, which cost $1,100 for the boiler and another $1,700 for the 300-litre hot water cylinder. Although this tank size is slightly too big for the size of our house and our family, we have this modified so it can work well with solar water heating in the near future.

James intended fitting 2-3sqm of evacuated solar panels on the south-facing roof. As this will supply enough hot water during summer as well as provide warm water during spring and autumn. He also intends linking the wood burner into the heating system to provide hot water during colder months.


We are also considering obtaining a heat recovery ventilation system, a box and pipes that brings in fresh air. As such systems constantly refreshes your house owing to the fresh air from the outdoors and heats the incoming air with warm, stale air being vented out. The idea is loving as it is usually 80-90% efficient and costs approximately $4,500 for a four-bedroom house which also includes installation. Owing to its expensive price, we decided to wait a little longer to ascertain if the price will come down a little. The same was applicable to ground and air source heat pumps which was worth $5,000-$10,000.

“We are currently planning our next phase owing to the upcoming warm weather. In doing this, we collected kindling from nearby wood and ordered for firewood to dry out for the winter. A selection of beech for fast-burning and oak for smoldering are among my favorite commodities as a load cost approximately $60-$90 from a local farm”, conclude James.

As five loads of this commodity sees us through each winter. Using green home renovations might seem expensive at the initial stage but it eventually comes back with a welcome payback.

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